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Center Hang Type




  • Center Hang Type (Video)

Designed with abundant experience and advanced technology.


Adopted for the public telephone booths in Japan

The product has been adopted by Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corp. (NTT), Japan's largest communication company, for their public telephone booths throughout Japan.
The outstanding performance and durability (500,000 or more of closing operations) have been recognized among millions of users all over the world.

Concealed type (door built-in type)

Pivot-hanging/built-in type door closer, easy to install. Being concealed into the door, offers beautiful and clean streamline door appearance.。

Wide range of use

Slim size receptive base is compatible with thinner floor slabs in the late modern buildings, can be installed without damaging floor surfaces. Suitable in the place where the floor hinge is hardly installed or the door closer arm becomes obstacle.

Suitable for fire doors, smoke ventilations,
air intake doors or regular swing doors.

Combining with electromagnetic release mechanism, automatically close the fire doors or opens the smoke ventilations/air intake doors as interlocking with smoke sensors.

Decorative rubber plate

Supplied with decorative rubber plates for screening the speed control/spring-winding windows.

Double shaft top pivot (NKOS type) video


NKOS type

Mounting the top pivot

Do not install the top pivot before the door/frame construction is completed. 
Do not carry out any hot works on the door/frame after the top pivot is installed. 
The bearing may get deformed due to the heat of welding or baking finish and
the shaft may not properly fit in, resulting the door fall down.

Confirm the door opening direction

Check the opening direction of the door as per the following diagram.


Reinforcing the doors to be used

• Reinforce the doors with reinforced plates and channel plates according to Table given below.


Setting the fix base plate

• Be sure to arrange the receptive base so that the Round side of the channel in the seat will come to the AUTO HINGE fixture side when the door is closed.
•Since the seat of the receptive base can slide on the base plate, align it with the top pivot using a plumb bob.
•After the alignment is completed, weld the seat and the base properly.


Closing speed adjustment

• After hanging the door and setting the spring, insert a screwdriver through the speed control window and turn the speed control gear.
(The gear does not move up or down with turning.)
• Maximum # of turns : 18 turns
• After continuously turning the gear, once it comes to be heavy, that is the maximum point of turning.
• Do not turn the gear further than the maximum point. Excessive turn may cause defect/damage.



Closing speed adjustment video (Center Hang Type)


Handling precautions