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Unique engineering fostered by a broad and open attitude. Challenge of developing technology that will open the doors to the next generation.

Our research and developmental power deliver new technologies to meet diversifying needs.
Nitto Kohki Group supports people to live comfortably and lead a life of abundance in the future in wide-ranging areas from home and construction sites to the airline industry and global environmental improvement projects. In addition, we utilize our outstanding engineering techniques to deliver streamlining and labor-saving solutions that meet diversifying needs. We develop new technologies with uniqueness by putting ourselves in the position of users to offer convenience to people as a tool to lead to the next generation.
Our numerous patented technologies prove our creativity and uniqueness.
Nitto Kohki Group’s non-conventional technology development is full of originality and stays ahead of the needs of users, which is the reason behind great customer satisfaction. Many patented technologies created based the orientation for its development have been commercialized in a broad range of fields, including couplings, machines and tools, pumps, and door closers. Nitto Kohki Group has an unwavering commitment to challenge new technologies. We strive to promote further technology innovation by nurturing creativity and originality that open doors to the next generation.