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Corporate Citizenship

The NITTO KOHKI Group has contributed toward developing the industrial world over many years based on our corporate motto, action principles, and management policy. Besides contributing to society through products and business, we also actively undertake activities that contribute toward local communities. Going forward, we will continue to fulfill our various social responsibilities as a corporate citizen.

Together with Stakeholders

The NITTO KOHKI Group builds good relationships together with our stakeholders—society and the environment, local communities, customers, trading partners, shareholders and investors, and employees—and aims to realize a sustainable society by growing together with them.

NITTO KOHKI Group’s goals Details of initiatives
Social and Environmental
Conducting product development and support activities that contribute to society. Reducing environmental load.

Introduction of main activities

  • Disaster relief
  • Personnel training and international cooperation
  • Technical support
  • Environmental conservation and environmental management
Local Communities
Contributing to the development of local communities as a member of the region.

Introduction of main activities

  • Interactions with local communities
  • Cleanup activities
  • Activities for watching over the elderly
Manufacturing people-oriented products that use energy- and labor-saving technology nurtured since establishment.
  • Research and development
  • Production and quality control
  • Marketing and sales
Trading Partners
Building relationships in production that allow mutual growth and trust.
  • Promotion of green procurement
Shareholders and Investors
Building long-term relationships of trust.
  • General Meeting of Shareholders
  • Financial results briefings
  • Meetings with investors
  • Corporate governance
Building workplace environments with job satisfaction where employees grow together with the company.
  • Various education systems
  • Career paths
  • Family Visit Day
  • Support for raising of children

Social and Environmental

Disaster Relief

Provides medical suctioning devices “QTUM” and medical masks
The NITTO KOHKI Group carries out disaster relief. During power outages caused by earthquakes, we provided the medical suctioning device “QTUM” to medical institutions and other organizations upon receiving requests from them. In addition, during the COVID-19, we provided medical masks in our possession to university hospitals, medical institutions, and local governments of the municipalities where our plants are located. We also donated QTUM medical suctioning devices to medical institutions and other organizations.

Personnel Training

Sponsor publication of teaching occupations for children
To let children—who will play vital roles in the future—know the fun of manufacturing, we sponsor the publication of Oshigoto Nenkan (Occupations Yearkbook) by The Asahi Shimbun Company.
Figure:Oshigoto Nenkan 2021 (Occupations Yearkbook) by The Asahi Shimbun Company
Hosted visits by Japan International Cooperation Agency
To improve personnel administration in developing countries, we host visits by participants of the personnel administration seminars organized by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) as part of international cooperation. * Personnel administration seminars are training sessions conducted by the Japan Association For Public Human Resources Development—which is contracted by JICA—for public servants in charge of personnel administration in their respective countries.

Technical Support

Mikiya Science and Technology Foundation
This foundation was established to provide subsidies for surveys, research and development relating to science and technology, and subsidies for international exchange programs relating to science and technology, in an effort to contribute to the development and welfare of society and the economy across a broad front.
9-4 Nakaikegami 2-chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 146-0081,Japan
Tel: +81-3-3754-1111
Established November 2, 1990

Environmental Initiatives

Environmental management
NITTO KOHKI Group acquired the ISO 14001 series of International Standards, Environmental Management, in 2001, to actively incorporate environmental aspects into operations early on. From material procurement and product development to production and waste disposal, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact, from a comprehensive perspective.
Social and Enviromental Report (Read in e-catalog)
Based on the concept of a headquarters and research center among lush greenery, green space is set up in and around the company’s premises, making our company site appropriate for a residential area surrounded by many trees.
Participating in the Yamagata Kizuna-no-Mori Project
MEDOTECH participates in forest maintenance activities in Yamagata organized by FUJIFILM BI Yamagata Corp. Activities involving nature and the environment are undertaken from the desire to let children want to treat nature with importance by allowing them to experience and think about nature.
  • Afforestation activities using potted seedlings

Local Communities

Our Bond with Local Communities

Workplace vaccination conducted
Targeted at people from the NITTO KOHKI Group, Nakaikegami Commerce and Industry Association member companies, and credit unions as well as their family members, COVID-19 workplace vaccination was conducted at the NITTO KOHKI headquarters. About 1,100 people received vaccination during the three-day period.
  • Appreciation letters given by Ohta-ku and others
Thinking about the future of the earth in local communities
We participate in Eco Festa, an event held at a local elementary school in Ohta-ku where our headquarters is located. At the event, handicraft and exhibits with an environmental theme are put up by local organizations, companies, and other bodies for interaction with the local residents.
Making Christmas trees using pine cones
Company tours and visiting lectures for local elementary schools
We conduct company tours, visiting lectures, and other programs for elementary schools in Ohta-ku.
  • Company tour introducing NITTO KOHKI
  • Visiting lecture to learn the manufacturing process of ATRA
Cooperating in activities for watching over the elderly
In March 2019, we were registered as an operator that promotes watching over the elderly in Ohta-ku. We continue to conduct education (lectures to train dementia caregivers) for our employees so that each of them has the right knowledge and understanding about dementia and is able to help the elderly and their families.
Operation to clean up Kinugawa River and Kokaigawa River
TOCHIGI NITTO KOHKI participates in the operation to clean up Kinugawa River and Kokaigawa River for conservation of the regional environment.
Invited people with disabilities to basketball game
In cooperation with Ohta-ku, Tokyo, we invited people with disabilities to basketball game of Tokyo Haneda Vickies to whom we provide the MEDOMER air massager.
Supporting facilities that help people with disabilities gain employment
Lucky charm key chains with Amabie—which wards off plague—made by a facility in Tochigi Prefecture that helps people with disabilities gain employment were purchased and distributed to Stakeholders.