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Corporate Citizenship

Corporate Citizenship

Nitto Kohki supports the following foundation as part of its contribution to society.

Mikiya Science and Technology Foundation

This foundation was established to provide subsidies for surveys, research and development relating to science and technology, and subsidies for international exchange programs relating to science and technology, in an effort to contribute to the development and welfare of society and the economy across a broad front.

Mikiya Science and Technology Foundation

9-4 Nakaikegami 2-chome, Ohta-ku, Tokyo 146-0081,Japan
Tel: 03 (3754)0358
Established November 2, 1990

公益財団法人 御器谷科学技術財団

Our initiatives in the society and environment

Promoting harmonious cooperation with society and regions to become a more trusted company.

Environmental management
Nitto Kohki Group acquired the ISO 14001 series of International Standards, Environmental Management, in 2001, to actively incorporate environmental aspects into operations early on. From material procurement and product development to production and waste disposal, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact, from a comprehensive perspective. This attitude also leads to the concept of the headquarters and research institution situated in the greenery surroundings. We have the highest "S" ranking in the Comprehensive Assessment System for Building Environmental Efficiency (CASBEE). Green space is set up in and around the company’s premises to plant nearly 4,000 trees in total, making our company site appropriate for a residential area.
Regional and social contribution
In conjunction with the spread of COVID-19 novel coronavirus,Nitto Kohki Group is actively conducting the activities described below to protect people's lives and safety in this emergency situation. We have provided N95 masks owned by the Group to university hospitals, medical institutions, and local governments in areas where our plants are located.Nitto Kohki Group will continue to work as one to contribute to society and local communities.
Increased employee satisfaction
Nitto Kohki Group promotes a workplace where all employees can work with enthusiasm. On a “Bring Your Family Day”, families gain understanding of their family’s work through production introduction, craft workshops, visits to workplace and many other programs while children nurture a sense of work. Each year, many families participate in these programs. In addition, there are social gathering aid system, encouragement program for the acquisition of official qualifications, and other programs as part of our substantial employee benefits to create a workplace where each employee can work with a sense of rewarding and satisfaction. We will continue to provide employees with a healthy and vibrant workplace.