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NITTO KOHKI Group’s Philosophy is comprised of three concepts: Corporate Motto, Action Principles and Management Policy, and indicates our approach towards corporate citizenship.

Corporate Motto

Development provides corporate insurance.

The word "development" in the corporate motto carries four meanings.

  1. Development of products that contribute to society.
  2. Development of sales markets.
  3. Development of human resources.
  4. Development of a system for organization management.

Striving to realize these objectives energizes the company's management culture and ensures ongoing development of the business. In other words, such endeavors constitute "insurance".

Action Principles

Mobilize creativity and accumulate technology.
Cultivate morale and accumulate vitality.
Act with complete sincerity and accumulate people's confidence.

The working environment should be a place for individual character building. Our action principles reflect the company's desire that its employees should be equipped and stimulated to lead rewarding lives. It also sets forth the code of conduct for employees.

"Technology" refers to professional expertise and skills. "Vitality" denotes the mental and physical capability of energetic workers to act. "People's confidence" infers the ability to win public trust.

Accumulating an ideal balance of "expertise", "vitality" and "people's confidence" will contribute to employee character building, and ultimately result in strong corporate development.

Management Policy

Contribution to society
Employees' wellbeing
Corporate development

  1. NITTO KOHKI develops, manufactures, and sells useful and valuable products in an effort to contribute to society on a broad basis.
  2. NITTO KOHKI is committed to enhancing the wellbeing of employees and their families through enlightened management policies and practices.
  3. NITTO KOHKI pursues appropriate corporate profitability, and aims at ongoing business development in order to realize a "contribution to society" and "the wellbeing of our people".

Examples of Corporate Citizenship

Code of Conduct

Code of Conduct

The NITTO KOHKI Group Code of Conduct expresses the basic principles of behavior for every officer and employee in order to realize the Corporate Motto, Action Principles and Management Policy that form our Philosophy.