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RESEACH & DEVELOPMENT Research and development

Materializing our desire for people-oriented products.

Nitto Kohki aims to make a social contribution by offering people-oriented products by leveraging our power- and labor-saving technology. We have a concentration of various technologies, including fluid engineering, materials engineering, mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, and design engineering, which we accumulated over our corporate history. For the future, we take on new challenges to research and develop to satisfy the needs of customers in many industries and sectors.

To satisfy our customers around the world.
A number of our unique products are used in various environmental conditions around the globe from the bottom of the ocean to the outer space. Our engineers pay meticulous attention by simulating the uses in various languages, use conditions and under diverse laws and regulations.
Challenging a new market
To swiftly deliver products that suit customer’s needs, we place a priority on training staff and hiring young engineers. We strive to overcome technical barriers to find market opportunities and bring unique products to market.
Our superior quality is created in our independent research institute.
To offer safe and secured products to customers, we have our own research institute to conduct product development and research. Our engineers use measurement and analytical instruments and test equipment to ensure we offer products with superior quality.

PRODUCTION & QUALITY ASSURANCE Production and quality control

Delivering peace of mind and trust to customers around the world

Nitto Kohki Group has its unique production and quality control system to offer peace of mind and trust to customers around the world. We make efforts to ensure continuous and stable supply of high-quality products indispensable to customers.

Our unique manufacturing technique
We develop our own manufacturing technique to ensure stable supply of high-quality products to deliver to customers in a wide-ranging industries and sectors. We strive to further improve our production efficiency and reinforce technological development with the aim to overcome declining working population and maintain our superior quality.
Optimum production system
We promote the equalization of production to boost our competitiveness. The entire group works as one to create a system to practice optimum production.
Maintain and improve quality

We are continuously engaged in activities to maintain and improve quality.
Regarding production improvement activities, we received numerous awards and received various certifications including ISO.

Ensuring safety and security for customers
Nitto Kohki Group complies with laws and regulations to protect customers against danger and harm involved with chemistry, electricity, and machinery. We conduct the analysis of component materials for production to ensure safety and security for customers.

MARKETING & SALES Business activities

Our distribution system and marketing activities stay closely connected with local community.

To best to meet the expectations of customers who use our products, our distributors and dealers are familiar with customers in each area to engage in sales activities that precisely capture customer’s needs. We are committed to implementing the most appropriate distribution system and marketing activities.

Customers can buy and use our products from anywhere around the world.
Our products offered at Nitto Kohki are available in various parts of the world and come with after-sale services. There are regional headquarters, branches and offices in various areas around the world. Our distributors and dealers rooted in the area support customers.
Our unique sales and marketing activities
We promote one-of-a-kind sales and marketing activities to ensure customers know what Nitto Kohki’s products can offer. We directly visit customers with a truck equipped with our products, so that customers can see, touch and operate directly. We also hold our independent local private exhibitions. Customers can also access our website and YouTube channel to see videos and other information to check an extensive range of our products.
Our active participation in trade shows
Nitto Kohki participates in trade shows in various parts of the world to showcase our great products to customers in various industries and sectors. We also listen to customers’ requests directly at trade shows to utilize for the production of better products.
Finely-tuned after-sale services
Nitto Kohki offers after-sale services to customers around the world. We work with distributors and retailers to build a network of repair services. We also hold workshops to update their product knowledge to enhance their skills.