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Factory features

A key factory for supporting the production of couplings “Cupla”, pumps, and medical equipment of the Nitto Kohki Group.

Tochigi Nitto Kohki is a key factory in the Nitto Kohki Group that manufactures couplings “Cupla”, which are used to connect pipes for air, gas and liquid in factories and homes, pumps for sending clean air to medical equipment and septic tanks, and medical equipment that incorporate the technology. The factory can also handle special-order production of “Cupla” and an extensive range of products.

Group’s best technological capabilities by utilizing self-developed robots, auto assembly and inspection systems.

Tochigi Nitto Kohki has a sophisticated, streamlined, coherent production system from parts processing and product assembly to the inspection of finished products. The factory is also equipped with self-developed auto assembly robots, auto inspection system and many other facilities that boast the group’s best power- and labor-saving capability.

Message from the President of Tochigi Nitto Kohki

Tochigi Nitto Kohki began operation as a manufacturing factory of Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd. in 1977. The company demerged in 2000 to start business as current Tochigi Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd. Our key products are couplings, “Cupla”, and pumps mainly with linear drive system and applied products, "Medomar". We also began production of “HHV Cupla” used to supply and fuel compressed hydrogen, which is fuel for fuel-cell vehicles that has been attracting attention recently, for the first time in Japan. In 2013, we completed one of the group’s largest factory buildings, the seventh factory building, and added merchandise warehouse. By building our unique production lines that cover from material processing, inspection to shipping, we ensure that our manufacturing process is of the highest quality and reliability to meet our clients’ needs. Tochigi Nitto Kohki is committed to pursuing user- and eco-friendly manufacturing in compliance with the law with a spirit of challenge. We will work as one to keep growing. We appreciate your support.

Takashi Chiba
Representative Director, President

Corporate Profile

Company Name Tochigi Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, President Takashi Chiba
Founded May 1, 2000
Capital JPY 100 million
Number of Employees 137 (As of March 31, 2020)
Main Business Production of quick connect couplings, pumps & compressors and medical equipments.
Major Shareholder Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.
Sales JPY 5.725billion (Ending March 2020)

3473-2 Ujiie, Sakura-shi, Tochigi Prefecture 329-1311
TEL:+81-28-682-8851 FAX:+81-28-681-7038
【Access】Ten minutes by taxi from Ujiie Station (east exit)


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Corporate History

June 1977 Nitto Kohki begins operation of the Ujiie factory (completes office, the first and second factory)
October 1978 Completes the third factory.
May 1979 Acquires the permit for production of medical equipment.
October 1980 Completes the fourth factory.
January 1981 Acquires the factory certification for the UL standard.
February 1984 The factory receives the certification and permission for the JIS mark. (Gas Touch)
October 1985 Acquires the approval from The High-Pressure Gas Safety Institute of Japan (bulk Cupla).
May 1990 The fifth factory completes.
November 1990 Launches the TPM activity.
October 1994 Receives the TPM Excellent Award.
November 1995 Acquires the ISO9002 certification.
April 1997 Transfers production of blowers for septic tanks to Nitto Kohki Industry (Thailand).
June 1997 Completes the sixth factory.
October 2000 Begins operation as Tochigi Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd. after company split-up.
November 2001 Acquires the ISO14001 certification.
January 2003 Partially transfers production of Cupla to Nitto Kohki Industry (Thailand).
November 2003 Acquires the upper-level ISO9001 certification.
June 2004 Launches the PI activity.
March 2008 Acquires the new JIS mark certification.
July 2009 Absorbs and merges Nitto Kohki Logistics Co., Ltd.
May 2010 Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd. transfers repair operation to the company.
October 2013 Completes merchandise warehouse and parts warehouse.
December 2013 Completes the seventh factory.
April 2014 Returns repair operations to Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.
September 2014 Acquires the ISO13485 certification.
May 2015 Begins production of machine tool.
February 2017 Returns the JIS certification with the end of production of Gas Touch.
December 2017 Complete the office building.
October 2020 Transfers production of machine tools to Medotech.

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Environmental Policies of Tochigi Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.

  1. We implement business activities based on the basic principles of environmental preservation in consideration of the impact on the global environment. The company and affiliated companies on the premises work as one to promote environmental conservation activities.
  2. We undertake business activities with less impact on the global environment in compliance with laws and regulations, as well as our promises to the society. We comply with the International Standard, ISO14001, to ensure effective use of resources and reduce impact on the environment, as well as to continuously strive to pursue continuous environmental management and environmental conservation.
  3. We strive to disseminate products useful for the conservation of the global environment through product development functions and technology of Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.
  4. We access the environmental impact of our business activities. Based on the results, we identify facilities and technologies that have a significant environmental impact to prioritize the following to the extent that it is economically and technically possible to promote environmental conservation activities by setting environmental objectives and goals to continuously prevent pollution and protect resources.
     1) We promote the effective use of energy, paper and oil.
     2) We promote the recycling of paper, oil, waste plastics, and waste wooden materials.
     3) We thoughtfully manage related facilities to prevent the release of hazardous substances.
     4) We ensure the operation and management in consideration of eliminating waste.
     5) We ensure the control of environmental control substances that may cause adverse effects to the global environment and   human.
  5. We make efforts to continuously improve the environmental management system and environmental performance through internal environmental audit.
  6. We implement training to raise awareness toward the global environmental conservation, as well as to participate in environmental conservation activities in the community that employees can take part casually.
  7. We also disclose this environmental policy document to outside the company.

April 1, 2018.
Kazuya Komoriya, Plant Manager