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Factory features

A main factory for supporting the production of door closers and electric screwdrivers of the Nitto Kohki Group.

Nitto Kohki brand, "AUTO-HINGE", is broadly used in doors of residential buildings and heavy-duty doors of large-scale facilities. In addition, electric screwdrivers, "delvo", is used around the world to ensure stable quality for production of electric devices including computers and smartphones, as well as assembly of auto parts. In recent years, "delvo" can be used for production of wide-ranging products including machines and tools.

Our production technological capabilities enable flexible production to meet the needs of our clients.

Shirakawa Nitto Kohki has a system to swiftly enable production of a wide variety of products in small quantities to meet client’s needs. We also promote the C-TPM activities, which aim to bring innovation to production to increase production efficiency, to actively implement the activities. We constantly devote ourselves to raise the level of quality, faster delivery timeline and reduced costs. Under the slogan of “People-oriented technologies”, we seek after customers’ convenience, safety, design, and environmental consciousness.

Message from the President of Shirakawa Nitto Kohki

Shirakawa Nitto Kohki was established under the name of Shirakawa Densei Co., Ltd. in December 1979. Since the company went under the umbrella of the Nitto Kohki Group in April 2000, it has been playing a role as a production base for door closers and electric screwdrivers. Our primary production items include the Nitto Kohki’s original armless door closer, namely "AUTO-HINGE" series, as well as the world-famous electric screwdriver, "delvo" series, are widely used in society. We completed construction of an office building in 2016 and began production of machines and tools. We believe that this built a foundation for continued development of Shirakawa Nitto Kohki in the future. Shirakawa Nitto Kohki is committed to pursuing user- and eco-friendly manufacturing in compliance with the law with a spirit of challenge. We will work as one to keep growing. We appreciate your support.

Takashi Chiba
Representative Director, President

Corporate Profile

Company Name Shirakawa Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, President Takashi Chiba
Founded December 24, 1979
Capital JPY 90 million
Number of Employees 95 (As of March 31, 2020)
Main Business Production of door closers, electric screwdrivers, and machine tools.
Major Shareholder Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.
Sales JPY 2.787 billion (Ending March 2020)

12 Yokomine, Kurabeishi, Shirakawa-shi, Fukushima Prefecture 961-0017
TEL:+81-248-22-5511 (Main) FAX:+81-248-22-5512
【Access】About fifteen minutes by taxi from Shin-Shirakawa Station (east exit)


Main products

Corporate History

December 1979 Shirakawa Densei Co., Ltd. is established.
January 1981 Begins tentative operation.
April 1981 Begins full-scale operation.
July 1981 Begins production of I-C wrapping tools for Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation.
April 1982 Begins production of door closers (hinges for lightweight central-hook type).
April 1989 Acquires the UL standard for electric screwdrivers.
October 1996 Acquires a production permit for electrical equipment.
October 1999 Acquires the ISO9001 certification for the electric tool sector.
February 2000 Acquires the ISO9001 certification for the door closer sector.
April 2000 Unifies the sales department, design and development department.
Becomes a group company of Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd. and changes the name to Shirakawa Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.
October 2001 Transfers the development department and sales department to Nitto Kohki.
April 2002 Begins repair operation of electric screwdrivers.
September 2003 Acquires the CCC standard for electric screwdrivers.
June 2005 Wins the TPM Challenge Award.
January 2007 Door closures are recognized as excellent housing components (BL components).
February 2011 Acquires the ISO14001 certification.
October 2016 Complete the office building.
September 2017 Acquires the ISO9001 certification for the power & machine tools sector.

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ISO (Quality and Environmental) Policy of Shirakawa Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.


Shirakawa Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd. aims to maintain the global environment, protect the global environment, and improve customer satisfaction through manufacturing products of high quality, high function and high reliability with unchanging themes of labor saving and improvements in the work environment in the industrial world. We will strive to fulfill our social responsibility by promoting business activities and aiming for human-friendly manufacturing.

Environmental Policies

  1. In the manufacture of Machine Tools (pneumatic tools and electric tools) and their peripheral tool, building equipment (door closer, sliding closer, and screen switchgear), operating a management system conforming to ISO (quality and environmental management system). We will strive to improve customer satisfaction, including product quality preservation, and preserve the environment.
  2. Aware of compliance with laws and regulations and social responsibility, we aim to effectively utilize resources and reduce the burden on the environment by promoting projects with less impact on the environment.
  3. Grasp the impact of business activities on society, we establish and operate quality and environmental objectives and targets to the extent technically and economically possible, regularly conduct internal audits and management reviews on a regular basis. We will strive to continually improve our quality and environmental management system.
  4. Through environmental activities, we are recommending 3Rs to reduce power consumption and waste and make effective use of resources.
    - Reduce: Use something carefully to reduce garbage
    - Reuse: Use reusable objects
    - Recycle: Reuse garbage resources
  5. Clarify business processes in corporate activities and improve business operations.
  6. This policy will is documented, thoroughly disseminated to all employees, and make available upon request from outside the company.

April 25, 2018
Masaru Ariga, Plant Manager