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Factory features

A key factory for supporting the production of power- and labor-saving machines and tools of the Nitto Kohki Group.

From cutting, polishing, exfoliation, drilling, to chamfering of steel materials, Nitto Kohki Group’s machines and tools are used in various processing factories. Medotech Co., Ltd., as a main factory, manufactures an extensive range of products using an air pressure, electric motor, and oil pressure as a driving source. Under the slogan of “People-oriented technologies”, Medotech challenges an unalterable theme of satisfying both increased power and miniaturization in the pursuit of manipulation performance, safety, design, and environmental consciousness.

Our ability to make improvements leads to increased productivity by capitalizing on a wealth of mechanical equipment.

Our factory is equipped with nearly 170 machines and tools, including machining centers, NC lathes, and NC grinding machines, and uses an integrated system from parts processing and product assembly to inspection, packing and shipping. To ensure the management using the concept of 5S (Seiri, Seiton, Seisou, Seiketsu, and Shitsuke) at a high level, we have implemented the C-TPM activities on an ongoing basis since 2005 to carry out improvement activities. With our ability to make improvements, we devote ourselves to raise the level of quality, faster delivery timeline and reduced costs.

Message from the President of Medotech

Medotech was founded as Happy Precision Products Co., Ltd. in February 1953.Since the company became a designated factory for the Nitto Kohki Group in January 1977, it has been playing a role as a production base for machines and tools. All the products of the Nitto Kohki Group are designed for professionals. It offers a broad array of machines and tools for professionals in construction work sites for large-scale buildings and structures, as well as iron works. Our high-quality and high-functional products have been favorably accepted by professionals. Today, in addition to production of machines and tools, our product lineup has expanded to include a circular blade series, namely ”JETBROACH”, ”HI-BROACH” ”MINI BROACH” for a portable magnetic application drilling machine, "ATRA", covering a production range from processing, assembly, and the production of blades. Medotech is committed to pursuing user- and eco-friendly manufacturing in compliance with the law with a spirit of challenge. We will work as one to keep growing. We appreciate your support.

Takashi Chiba
Representative Director, President

Corporate Profile

Company Name Medotech Co., Ltd.
Representative Director, President Takashi Chiba
Founded February 14, 1953
Capital JPY 90 million
Number of Employees 97 (As of March 31, 2020)
Main Business Production of machine tools.
Major Shareholder Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.
Sales JPY3.177 billion (Ending March 2020)

1-36, Wakamiya 1-chome, Yamagata-shi, Yamagata Prefecture 990-2453
TEL:+81-23-644-4363 FAX:+81-23-644-6756
【Access】Ten minutes by taxi from Yamagata Station (west exit)


Main products

Corporate History

February 1953 The company was founded at the address (1850 Miyamachi, Yamagata-shi) with the capital of JPY one million for machine processing of the head portions of zig-zag sewing machines.
August 1957 Moves to 3015 Miyamachi, Yamagata-shi.
February 1959 Receives the certification of JIS factory for processing of home sewing machines.
June 1963 Builds and moves its factory to the address 222-2 Mitsue, Yamagata-shi.
February 1969 Begins production of drilling machine for air pressure tools and plastic containers.
December 1972 Begins production of hydraulic machines and tools.
January 1977 Becomes a group company of Nitto Kohki Co., Ltd.
February 1982 Begins production of electric tools.
January 1984 Begins production of ”JETBROACH” and circular blades.
September 1985 Changes the name to Medotech Co., Ltd.
June 1991 Builds a new factory.
December 1997 Acquires the ISO9001 certification.
December 2005 Changes the address to 1-36, Wakamiya 1-chome, Yamagata-shi.
April 2008 Completes an advertising tower on the rooftop.
April 2009 Wins the TPM Challenge Award.
March 2010 Acquires the ISO14001 certification.
January 2019 Certified as a Youth Yell company by the Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare.

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Quality and Environmental Policy

Basic Policy

Medotech recognizes the importance of the global environment and the company's social responsibilities. Under the universal theme of bringing laborsaving products and operational improvement to the industry, we strive to reduce the impact on the global environment throughout the manufacturing process of high-quality, highly reliable products by capitalizing on the technology that we cultivated over many years. In addition, we will actively address environmental issues as a corporate citizen to protect nature and natural resources while contributing to the development of a rich, bountiful society in harmony with the global environment.


Pass on our beautiful Earth to future generations.

Quality and Environmental Policy

  1. We establish an environmental management system based on ISO (9001 and 14001) for the manufacture of machine tools (hydraulic equipment, pneumatic equipment and electric equipment) and perishable tools to increase customer satisfaction and protect the environment, including the preservation of product quality.
  2. We comply with laws and regulations related to the environment and other requirements (green procurement and purchasing).
  3. We recognize that our business activities have an environmental impact. To understand the quality and environmental aspects and employ specific improvement activities, we strive to reduce the environmental impact and prevent pollution by setting a chart for the development of business plans to put these into action.
  4. Through our environmental conservation activities, we ensure the proper handling of waste and save energy and resources while implementing regional and social contribution activities.
  5. To improve quality and environmental performance, we regularly conduct internal audits and management reviews to continuously improve the quality and environmental management system.
  6. We make these policies clearly known to all employees working in our company and contractors on the premises. We will disclose these policies as requested outside the company.

April 1, 2020
Kazunari Arai, Plant Manager