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delvo Brushless Type C Series (Current control type) Model DLV45C


Product video

Introducing the basic settings of controller

For DLV45C, channel settings, channel pattern settings, etc., can be set with the controller.

Introducing the torque setting method

Torque setting can be set with the controller.

Feature1. Channel setting

Torque and fastening setting of thirty screwdrivers can be consolidated into one.

Feature2. Channel pattern setting

Up to eight channels can be registered per channel pattern. Up to thirty channel patterns can be set.

Example of channel pattern

Feature3. Nine level rotation speed setting and three step variable speed control function

Torque range: Output Torque and Rotation Speed

  • • There are nine levels for rotation speed setting. (400 to 1200 min-1)
  • • Corresponds to high torque fastening, even at SOFT fastening setting or slow rotation speed. (Corresponds to a maximum of 3 Nm at 400 min-1)

Rotation speed: Built-in automatic speed control function

Feature4. Two types of measuring methods

There are two types of measuring methods for the time setting of initial and midterm speed.

Feature5. Easy fastening setting mode

It makes the setting of time/rotation signal easier by actually fastening a screw.

Feature6. Built-in LED function

The LED at the tip of the electric screwdriver is always lit in the specified color.

  • • Color coding for each channel is possible.
  • • It lights in the specified color when OK(PASS) / NG(FAIL) / count up.

Feature7. Convenient function settings

1) Auto reverse function

The screwdriver automatically reverses after torque-up or reaching the preset time.

2) Count return

When the fastened screws are unfastened, the number of counts can be returned.

3) Idling NG time

Judges as NG(Fail) when operated longer than the set time.

4) Screw fastening time measuring (Upper / Lower limit)

Judges as "correct fastening" only when the measured time is between the upper limit and lower limit.

5) Torque check mode

To measure torque with the Torque checker (optional)

6) Initializing

All settings can be reset.

Feature8. Two safety functions

1) Caution mode

A torque value that alerts the operator can be set. After the channel is switched, if the torque exceeds the preset value, a warning is displayed on the counter and the electric screwdriver will not start.

2) Refastening prohibited time setting

To prevent additional fastening (second tightening, confirmation tightening, etc.), it can be set so that it does not restart after torque-up (for 0.0 to 9.9 seconds). Adjust the set value according to the skill level of the operator and the interval between screw fastening operations.

Feature9. Easy setting with dedicated software

Channels and Channel patterns can be easily set with dedicated software.

Channel setting

Channel pattern setting

Common setting

Feature10. Two communication methods (NPN/PNP, RS-232C)

When connecting to an external device, it can be connected in two ways.

Feature11. Common setting

There are twelve common settings

■SOFT / HARD fastening Settings