NITTO KOHKI is a Japanese manufacturer founded in 1956. The NITTO KOHKI Group makes and sells the quick connect couplings "CUPLA", power & machine tools, electric screwdrivers "delvo", pumps & compressors, MEDO BLOWER, and door closers.

NITTO KOHKI's "energy and labor-saving" technology contributes to enabling smooth operation, and helps businesses achieve growth in a broad range of industries.


Quick Connect Couplings "CUPLA"

Power & Machine Tools

Electric Screwdrivers "delvo"

Pumps & Compressors


Door Closers

Line-up of 25,000 products that respond to the needs of customers in various industries.

The quick connect couplings "CUPLA" will quickly and securely connect/disconnect various fluid lines such as air, water, oil and chemicals.
Used across the world from factories for automobiles, electric appliances, semiconductor and food to resource development sites and transportation equipment such as fuel cell vehicles.
Please contact us for our proposals to meet your fluid and operating environment.

For smooth, high quality metal processing

NITTO KOHKI's power & machine tools are products for metal working professionals such as boring, cutting, grinding, scaling of steel materials.
Used in various sites in the world such as building construction, resource development, infrastructure development, manufacturing and repair of transportation equipment such as railways, ships, automobiles and aircrafts.
To respond to the requirements for high precision machining and assembly in a short time, a selection is made among the sources of electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic powers.

Realizing improvement of assembly quality by high precision screw tightening

"delvo" is a screwdriver used for assembling electronic devices such as PCs, smartphones, printers and automotive components.
Used worldwide to tighten small screws with high precision torque control to realize production with stable quality.

Offering the security and reliability through the transportation of clean fluids

NITTO KOHKI supplies the quiet and clean pumps for customers in the wide variety of fields such as medical, research, food, electronic manufacturing industries.
We are providing security and trust to the customers through the supply of unique linear motor driven free piston type pumps as well as low power consumption compact structure pumps.
Please contact us for a proposal of optimum and high quality pump meeting the needs of fluids and the environment of use.

Quiet and Clean Air for Global Customers

Blower supply clean air.
A linear motor driven free piston type pump is integrated in the resin soundproof/rainproof casing and provides a quiet and clean living environment for the global customers.

Offering amenity and safety of life

Door closer is a product that facilitates the quiet and safe closing of door.
Used for various doors world wide such as medical facilities, offices, transportation equipment.
Automatic door closing using the spring and hydraulic operation. Doing away with an arm provides a refined touch of door.

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NITTO KOHKI’s products are available in various parts of the world and come with after-sale services.
There are regional headquarters, branches and offices in various areas around the world. Our distributors and dealers rooted in the area support customers.

South East Asia

NITTO KOHKI CO., LTD. Singapore Branch

NITTO KOHKI CO., LTD. India Liaison Office

NITTO KOHKI CO., LTD. Bangkok Representative Office

NITTO KOHKI CO., LTD. Indonesia Representative Office



Since its founding in 1956, the NITTO KOHKI Group has continued to create products that are intended to save energy and labor and improve working environments in the manufacturing industry.
Anticipating that our products will be used in areas with differing languages, working environments, and legal systems, we undertake finely nuanced product development, utilizing unique manufacturing and quality control systems to offer reliability and peace of mind to customers throughout the world.
NITTO KOHKI products can be purchased anywhere in the world, and we offer both customer service and technical support.
Our products help businesses to achieve growth and enrich the lives of people around the globe in industries such as automobiles, railways, marine vessels, and aircraft, and in the medical and living environment domains.


NITTO KOHKI Group’s Philosophy is comprised of three concepts: Corporate Motto, Action Principles and Management Policy, and indicates our approach towards corporate citizenship.

Code of Conduct

The NITTO KOHKI Group Code of Conduct expresses the basic principles of behavior for every officer and employee in order to realize the Corporate Motto, Action Principles and Management Policy that form our Philosophy.