Model No.  Door size applicable
Door weight
Standard closing force (Nm)  Spring set system  Top pivot  Max, opening angle 
A-8KH 800 (max.) 2,000 (max.) 36 (min) 50 (max.) 6.9 Roll-in system N-21B 180 ̊right or left one-side opening
A-12H 1,200 2,100 40 100 15.7
A-14H 1,400 130 19.7
A-16H 1,600 2,400 45 160 24.6
A-22 2,200 50 240 49.1 N-22B
A-30 3,000 55 410 68.7 N-23B
A-35A 3,500 3,000 650 73.6
A-40A 4,000 60 1,000 78.5 N-25B

1.Difference in opening directions are shown by the symbols, "R" for right-hand door and  "L" for left-hand door,
            suffixed at the end of model No.
         2. Pre-set type can be used as roll-in system by unwinding the spring.
         3. Each AUTO HINGE (center hang type) consists of a main body, a receptive base, a top pivot,
            and a decorated rubber plate.4. Stop mechanism is not built in.5. For selection of a model refer to
            the [Chart for Applicable Doors] shown below.
         6. Handling of the fixed type (floor type) receptive base
            The fixed type (floor type) receptive base is prepared for a place to which the sliding receptive base is not applicable.
         7. There is a spring winding-window on both sides from A-8KH to A-16H.