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Setting uniqueness of technology and serious attitude toward stakeholders as management cores

Ever since its foundation, Nitto Kohki has set up innovation (technology, market and human resources) as the basis of management and comprehensively contributed to the development of business through socially significant business activities based on the theme of "energy and laborsaving operations" focusing on people.

For more than 50 years, we have seriously tackled the pursuits of "one-of-a-kind product development ahead of times" and "highly reliable and sincere technology." Today, as a forerunner of energy and labor-saving equipment, we have established a network of production and sales both in Japan and overseas, with a comprehensive lineup of products covering household use to high-tech industrial applications and enjoy strong trust from a firm customer base.

Our Head Office, R&D Lab and domestic/international subsidiaries have acquired the certification of ISO14001 international environment management standard, promote the evolution of eco-friendly application development of products and focus on green procurement of materials, parts and components. Toward the realization of our management policies, "contribution to society," "employees' well-being" and "corporate development," we will promote further the invigoration of management and keep on acting as a good corporate citizen in the global society.

Naoyuki Kotake President

Naoyuki Kotake
Representative Director, President