Investor Relations

Historical Data

Aug.21, 2017 Historical Data (2008-2017) [PDF 471KB]
May.17, 2016 Historical Data (2007-2016) [PDF 488KB]
July.6, 2015 Historical Data (2006-2015) [PDF 486KB]

Financial Statements


    The data in and after FY59 is available at Historical Data.

Apr.1, 2013-Mar.31, 2014 Accounts for the 58th Fiscal Term [PDF 82KB]
Apr.1, 2012-Mar.31, 2013 Accounts for the 57th Fiscal Term [PDF 84KB]
Apr.1, 2011-Mar.31, 2012 Accounts for the 56th Fiscal Term [PDF 90KB]
Apr.1, 2010-Mar.31, 2011 Accounts for the 55th Fiscal Term [PDF 88KB]
Apr.1, 2009-Mar.31, 2010 Accounts for the 54th Fiscal Term [PDF 70KB]
Apr.1, 2008-Mar.31, 2009 Accounts for the 53rd Fiscal Term [PDF 64KB]
Apr.1, 2007-Mar.31, 2008 Accounts for the 52nd Fiscal Term [PDF 100KB]
Apr.1, 2006-Mar.31, 2007 Accounts for the 51st Fiscal Term [PDF 115KB]
Apr.1, 2005-Mar.31, 2006 Accounts for the 50th Fiscal Term [PDF 67KB]
Apr.1, 2004-Mar.31, 2005 Accounts for the 49th Fiscal Term [PDF 58KB]
Apr.1, 2003-Mar.31, 2004 Accounts for the 48th Fiscal Term [PDF 44KB]
Apr.1, 2002-Mar.31, 2003 Accounts for the 47th Fiscal Term [PDF 350KB]
Apr.1, 2001-Mar.31, 2002 Accounts for the 46th Fiscal Term
Apr.1, 2000-Mar.31, 2001 Accounts for the 45th Fiscal Term
Apr.1, 1999-Mar.31, 2000 Accounts for the 44th Fiscal Term
Apr.1, 1998-Mar.31, 1999 Accounts for the 43rd Fiscal Term
Apr.1, 1997-Mar.31, 1998 Accounts for the 42nd Fiscal Term

Fact & Figures, Business Outline


    The contents in and after 2015 are separately available at Business Outline and Historical Data.

Jul.6, 2015 Business Outline [PDF 465KB]
Apr.1, 2013-Mar.31, 2014 2014Facts and Figures [PDF 1347KB]
Apr.1, 2012-Mar.31, 2013 2013Facts and Figures [PDF 1313KB]
Apr.1, 2011-Mar.31, 2012 2012Facts and Figures [PDF 2434KB]
Apr.1, 2010-Mar.31, 2011 2011Facts and Figures [PDF 2191KB]
Apr.1, 2009-Mar.31, 2010 2010Facts and Figures [PDF 2238KB]
Apr.1, 2008-Mar.31, 2009 2009Facts and Figures [PDF 2184KB]
Apr.1, 2007-Mar.31, 2008 2008Facts and Figures [PDF 2219KB]
Apr.1, 2006-Mar.31, 2007 2007Facts and Figures [PDF 911KB]
Apr.1, 2005-Mar.31, 2006 2006Facts and Figures [PDF 2794KB]
Apr.1, 2004-Mar.31, 2005 2005Facts and Figures [PDF 1029KB]
Apr.1, 2003-Mar.31, 2004 2004Facts and Figures [PDF 765KB]
Apr.1, 2002-Mar.31, 2003 2003Facts and Figures [PDF 305KB]
Apr.1, 2001-Mar.31, 2002 2002Facts and Figures [PDF 980KB]
Apr.1, 2000-Mar.31, 2001 2001Facts and Figures [PDF 375KB]
Apr.1, 1999-Mar.31, 2000 2000Facts and Figures [PDF 257KB]
Apr.1, 1998-Mar.31, 1999 1999Facts and Figures [PDF 334KB]
Apr.1, 1997-Mar.31, 1998 1998Facts and Figures [PDF 179KB]
Apr.1, 1996-Mar.31, 1997 1997Facts and Figures [PDF 189KB]

Financial Supplement

Apr.1, 2017-Sep.30, 2017 Financial Supplement 1st. Half of FY2017 [PDF 1011KB]
Apr.1, 2016-Mar.31, 2017 Financial Supplement FY2016 [PDF 1111KB]
Apr.1, 2016-Sep.30, 2016 Financial Supplement 1st. Half of FY2016 [PDF 480KB]
Apr.1, 2015-Mar.31, 2016 Financial Supplement FY2015 [PDF 1130KB]
Apr.1, 2015-Sep.30, 2015 Financial Supplement 1st. Half of FY2015 [PDF 224KB]
Apr.1, 2014-Mar.31, 2015 Financial Supplement FY2014 [PDF 418KB]
Apr.1, 2014-Sep.30, 2014 Financial Supplement 1st. Half of FY2014 [PDF 610KB]
Apr.1, 2013-Mar.31, 2014 Financial Supplement FY2013 [PDF 606KB]
Apr.1, 2013-Sep.30, 2013 Financial Supplement 1st. Half of FY2013 [PDF 338KB]

Shareholders' Meeting