The Nitto Kohki Group has established basic provisions to ensure sound action based on compliance with laws and ordinances, conformance with internal regulations, corporate ethics and social norms, and common sense, while upholding our Philosophy. Through the proper implementation of these provisions, the Group will ensure compliance and look to raise its standing in society.

Policy on Exclusion of Anti-Social Forces

The Nitto Kohki Group declares that it will not have any involvement with anti-social forces in any form and that no director or employee of the Group will utilize, finance, cooperate with, assist or have any other relationship with anti-social forces.

The Nitto Kohki Group will work with local law enforcement and specialized agencies on actively promoting activities to exclude anti-social forces.

Socially Responsible Procurement


The Nitto Kohki Group will engage in socially responsible procurement for all raw materials, parts, products and indirect materials procured and used to make Nitto Kohki brand products by complying with related laws and ordinances and demonstrating respect for human rights, ethics and social norms.

  1. The Nitto Kohki Group will not procure items from suppliers that act contrary to this policy and will take action to eliminate any violation of the policy should such a violation become known.
  2. The Nitto Kohki Group will make a request to suppliers that they understand the Group's procurement activities and cooperate with surveys, as well as engage in responsible procurement of resources and raw materials.