delvo NITTO KOHKI's "delvo" Electric Screwdrivers contribute to quality improvement of assembly work.




Eco-friendly electric screwdrivers with built-in brushless motors in transformer-less profile are added to our product lineup!

    Multifunction Electric Screwdriver


    Current Control Electric Screwdriver


TORQUE CHECKER series Uploading Program

Free Torque Checker Data-Uploading program can be downloaded from this page.

Easy to maintain high quality assembly work

Electric screwdrivers are widely used for screw tightening word from the viewpoint of quality control and work efficiency. In response to the needs of high quality in production, torque control of electric screwdriver has become indispensable for maintaining quality of assembly work. Nitto Kohki's Torque Checkers can store the data and at the same time enable personal computers to control the data for maintenance of high quality assembly work.

Data-Uploading Program "EDSS-2" / "EDSS-3"

EDSS-2 is the software for importing torque data of torque checkers DLT1133 / 1173 / 1633 / 1673 for "delvo".

EDSS-3 is the software for importing torque data of torque checkers DLT1673A / 1973A for "delvo".

After uploading the data through this software and exporting them to a spreadsheet program like "Excel" and so on, use them for calculation, statistical processing, etc.

Working Environment

EDSS-2 program can run on any of Windows 95, 98, 2000 and XP.

EDSS-3 program can run on any of Windows 98, 2000, XP, Vista and 7(32bits).

* Installation of a USB driver is required beforehand when using EDSS-3.
Download the latest version of "VCP Drivers" from FTDI Chips Virtual COM Port Drivers and make the setting of the driver.

Procedures for downloading

  1. Right-click on the download icon for EDSS-2 or EDSS-3 found on the right.
  2. Select "save" to copy.
  3. As the dialog box asking where to save the file will be indicated, select anywhere and click "save".

* "EDSS-2", "EDSS-3" are a "EXE" self-extracting file.

Download the Data-Uploading Program.
For the data management by computers.
  • "EDSS-2" Approx. 2MB
  • "EDSS-3" Approx. 2.3MB

Extracting and Instalation

  1. Decompression starts automatically when a downloaded EXE file is executed and a folder will be created in the same directory.
  2. Please be sure to read the "Readme" file included in the decompressed folder before using the software.
  3. Installation starts by executing the "SETUP.EXE" included in the created folder.
  4. Once the software is installed, the software can be used by selecting EDSS-2 for EDSS-3 from the start menu of Windows.