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Required specifications:
Power supply AC 100V AC 115V AC 120V AC 200V AC 220V AC 230V AC 12V AC 24V
DC 12V DC 24V
Others >> AC   or   DC   V
Frequency 50/60Hz 50Hz 60Hz  
Pressure / Vacuum Working Pressure:    MPa     Kgf/cm2      bar      psig
Maximum Pressure:    MPa     Kgf/cm2      bar      psig
Working Vacuum: -    kPa      mmHg      mbar      in-Hg
Attainable Vacuum: -    kPa      mmHg      mbar      in-Hg
Required Airflow lit./min     cfm at
  Pressure     MPa     Kgf/cm2      bar      psig
Vacuum  -   kPa      mmHg      mbar      in-Hg
Operating environment Indoors      Outdoors
Installation In case      Stand Alone
Ambient temperture ~ C
Ambient relative humidity ~ %
Duty Cycle Continuous      Intermittent   ( min.ON    min.OFF)
Average accumulated operating period hours/day
Life expectancy hours with above required performance X %
Noise level dB/m
Desired weight kg
Desired size Length mm   X   Width mm   X   Height mm
Number of units required per year
Initial requirement Month   Year
Generic name of your end-product,
and the pump application details
Other requirements