Unique engineering fostered by a broad and open attitude. Challenge of developing technology that will open the doors to the next generation.

Research and development capabilities to meet diversifying needs with new technologies.

Nitto Kohki Group provides support for more comfortable living today and a better life tomorrow across a broad spectrum of fields, from households to construction sites, from the aeronautic industry to global environmental activities. The group also meets ever-diversifying needs with superior engineering that promotes rationalization and labor-saving. New technologies that are unique, considerate of users, and convenient for people are being developed as next-generation tools.

Numerous patented technologies endorse the company's original technologies.

The development of highly original technologies that surpass user expectations and push beyond the borders of current knowledge has earned Nitto Kohki Group an enviable reputation. The various patented technologies born out of this development orientation have been commercialized in a variety of areas, including quick-connecting fluid couplings, machine tools, linear pumps, and door closers. The company tackles new technologies with ongoing development potential, and constantly cultivates originality directed at technical innovations, which are the key to the next generation.

  • Couplings

    Presents "Cupla" a quick-connecting fluid coupling.

  • Machines & Tools
    Machines & Tools

    Presents machine tools which are labor-saving equipment for steel fabrication.

  • delvo

    Presents "delvo", an electric screwdriver used to assemble IT equipment.

  • Air Compressors & Vacuum Pumps
    Air Compressors & Vacuum Pumps

    Presents linear motor driven free piston pumps and applied products.

  • Door Closers
    Door Closers

    Presents "Auto Hinges" which are door closers for building equipment.