You can input or output external signals via a signal terminal block.


Terminal No. Function Details I/O
 1 (+) +24 V DC Built-in service power source (Capacity: Maximum 200 mA)
• Use in power source for input/output signal common wire,
   or for the workpiece detection sensor, etc.
Service powersource
 2 (-)
3 Channel A In the 2-bit input signal, specify the operation channel (CH1 to CH4)
• Valid only when “operation channel switching method” (No.1 CH-CHG) is
   set to “INPUT”
4 Channel B
5 Forward rotation startup Startup with external input signal
6 Reverse rotation startup
7 WORK Input the workpiece signal (workpiece detection sensor output)
• With “count function” (No.11 COUNT-FNC) and “workpiece signal”
   (No.12 WORK-SNSR) set to ON,  the workpiece signal input is valid
8 WORK RESET Reset operation (same as controller [WORK RESET] button
9 Keylock Lock the controller button operation
• Disable the controller button operation, and prevent setting changes
   by the operator
10 Input signal negativecommon wire Connect 0 V DC*
• Service power source (terminal No.2) or external 0 V DC power source
   can be connected
11 Forward rotation signal Set output signal during forward rotation to ON Output
12 Reverse rotation signal Set output signal during reverse rotation to ON
13 Count-up (C-UP) Performance of normal screw tightening (torque-up) sets output signal
to 0.3 seconds ON
14 Screw fastening NG 
If screw fastening NG, sets output signal to 0.3 seconds ON
15 Operation channel 1
Set the channel output signal to ON during operation or settings
16 Operation channel 2 
17 Operation channel 3
18 Operation channel 4
19 Operation OK If the set count screw tightening is judged to be completed and operation OK,
the output signal is set to ON
20 Operation NG When the WORK input signal is OFF during an operation, and the operation is judged to be NG, the output signal is ON
21 Space Connection impossible
22 Output signal positiv
ecommon wire
Connect +24 V DC*
• Service power source (terminal No.1) or external +24 V DC can be connected 

                                                    *When PNP output